Best Motorcycle Gloves With Complete Description

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The adventure and the adrenaline rush that a motorbike ride can offer are simply not comparative to anything else. The love for the amazing sport of motorbike and bike riding has been part of our life ever since the first pair of the motor powered sets of two wheels came into existence. In fact there is more number of professional bike riders than the car drivers. The biking is usually the first love of every male in his teens. Even Lawrence of Arabia thought that the best part of his day was when he rode his bike.


The wonderful feeling that you get after a fast and edgy bike ride is best in the world. This adventure although comes along with several risks and mandatory precautions that are involved. The primary one is obviously wearing a helmet for the riders, but another precaution that is usually ignored and not followed at all is the wearing of gloves. There are almost 40% of riders who are not wearing any gloves while riding their bikes. Those who do wear are mostly when going for a ride in cold or wet weathers although it is always advised that gloves are an all time wearing accessories.

Best Motorcycle Gloves With Complete Description

Why should you wear gloves while riding?

The human reflexes are so designed, that since our birth every fall that we had, the first impact is taken by our hands. These are what give us the unlimited capabilities and so it becomes really important to take care of them as well. Although god forbid, if you ever face a crash then your hands are what take the maximum damage due to the friction and rough asphalt. You can imagine that when you fall while running even then your hands may get blood filled and roughed up, then what can happen if you are riding your bikes? All the professional riders are always advising beginners to wear gloves as they are more prone to falls.


Apart from the safety aspect, gloves are also improvising your handling. There is a common myth that surrounds gloves that is they are meant for riding the fast bikes only. It is not at all true. No matter what kind of bike you are riding if you are wearing the perfect glove then it will always make your ride comfortable and improve the handling. It also protects your skin from tanning, dust and keeps your hands from slipping in wet and cold conditions.

Best Motocycle Gloves

There are multiple choices that are available today when gloves for biking are considered. Multiple gear manufacturing companies are producing these gloves. The confusion is obviously the choice. So here we have taken a look at the best gloves and types that can be used for various conditions and riding styles.

RevIt Dirt 2


If you like to ride dirty and you love to churn the mud with your speed then these amazing gloves are for you. The most important aspect of dirt biking is the agile movement of hands are required unlike other riding styles. The Dirt 2 glove by Dutch brand Rev’It is made out from combination of polyurethane-injected knuckle pads and wrist sliders with the internal foam padding to ensure a shock absorbing ride. Ventilation is also very crucial as the vents should not allow the dirt and pebbles to enter in your hands. So they have designed a special net lining that prevents this. The gloves are so smartly designed that you can easily use it on touch screens to search the map for more dirty tracks. They are coming at affordable price of $110.

Alpine-stars GP Tech Leather Glove


Men who are the fastest on tracks such as Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo&Dani Pedrosa all have used this amazing race track pair of gloves by Alpine-Stars. The Alpine-stars GP Tech Leather Glove is the product that comes from an experience of the company in protecting racers on the fastest tracks of world. Kangaroo leather for the main grip with a layer of Pittards leather to reinforce the palm and outer hand. It also adds up to the breathability of the gloves in overall. These gloves have been designed to protect the hands in every possible condition that a rider faces on the track. The wrist cuff will ensure that the glove never comes off if the rider falls a bit too hard and is dragged. Get them for $300.

Held Air n Dry


It is a great multipurpose glove from the brand Held. Air and Dry is although best for Touring. If you are one of those riders who get on the highway for a long comfortable ride, and have to face tough sun and city pollution, then this is made out just for you. The palm is made of perforated kangaroo leather and DuPont Cordura upper that is totally scratch resistant. It provides comfort and smooth hand motion. If you face a rain along your tour then simply slide your hands into inner Gore-Tex waterproof chamber. You can get a pair for around $250.

Racer Guide Glove


Those hot and humid days are surely the time when you will feel the heat even while riding. The sweaty palms will make your ride impossible and surely the tanning will make it worse. No need to worry with the Racer Guide Glove if you chose a hot day to ride. It’s a glove that keeps heat at the bay and gives racing grade protection as well. The proper ventilation will ensure airflow to avoid sweaty palms.Racer’s Guide Glove has an integrated Knox slider in the Clarino synthetic leather palm and rubber shields to protect knuckles. Racer is the first brand with their mcFIT (Maximum Comfort Fit Technology) system that is used to attach an interior lining and ensure a form-fit.

You can get it for $110.

Dainese Jerico Evo Gore-Tex


If you belong to the wet or cold climate regions then these gloves have been made keeping your tough climatic conditions in mind. When you are out riding in cold or wet conditions it is the most challenging ride. This pair of gloves will keep your hands from going numb. Those who are riding Snowmobile they would be astonished by shock absorbing and ability provided by the Jerico Evo Gore-Tex Glove by Dainese. It has a special Primaloft padding and Gore-Tex membrane to double waterproof the cuffs and keep frostbite and water away. It is an amazing work of technological advancements as you will barely feel cold in these gloves at sub-zero temperatures as well.

We will advise you to choose the Best Motocycle Gloves that are going to suite your needs and are suitable for your riding style.

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