10 Best Tips to Overcome Driving Anxiety

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A human being can develop fear and aversion to anything. For instance, some feel nervous and breath-taking due to darkness; others fear a spider or any other insect. I am also familiar with those who become anxious due to water. They cannot swim in a normal depth swimming pool or even take bath in a deep bath tub.


One such common fear and phobia could be of driving. People fear speed, vehicles and spaces on road. It can cause hesitation to drive and in severe cases can lead to a complete refusal to drive. Phobia is somewhere irrational and different from fear but both the cases can lead to anxiety. In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips to overcome driving anxiety and help gain confidence on your driving.If you are planing to go out on a road trip than you must know some tips before planning the trip.

Best Tips to Overcome Driving Anxiety

Always face your fear

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The best way to overcome any fear in life is to simply face it.

  • No matter, how paralyzed you feel to even enter the car or any vehicle, but you will go inside the car and even sit on driving seat to drive it.
  • If you become badly anxious, then also make sure you don’t leave the vehicle haphazardly.

Understand how the fear built-ups

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Before working on reducing or mitigating any phobia, you need to understand and critically analyze from where does that fear comes in. Are you fearing the car or is it the thought of roads and big vehicles that make you feel creepy and uncomfortable? The moment you get the initial point, just stop and start working on it.

Recognize the symptoms of phobia

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Do you feel over-sweating, palpations in your heart or severe headaches, the moment you go near your vehicle or see a huge truck approaching your car? What is that thing or that particular object which gives a flash or clicks your mind? These are the symptom of your driving phobia. Understand these and learn on how to overcome them and make yourself strong.and if you are going out at night than you must remember these things!

Avoid caffeine intake

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Food items in which Caffeine exists as a component should be avoided. This is because caffeine is the natural stress booster. Moreover, caffeine can built up anxiety and make you feel loss of breath. People have actually experienced great results by cutting on caffeine levels before they drive in.

Be aware and mindful

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In order to bust stress, you need to remain aware and mindful.

  • Knowing the signs of tension and stress in you can allow you to take yourself away from them.
  • If different or unwanted ideas and thoughts wander in your mind when to you sit or driving, move yourself out.
  • Practice on controlling your emotions and thoughts when they are not required and justified.

Focus on basics

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Anxiety even builds up when we expect to do too much and eventually end up doing nothing. Before you prepare yourself for driving, make sure that have fulfilled the basic requirements such as you are not empty on stomach, or you not drunk or were drunk last night. These things can affect and boost up your stress levels.If you are thinking of owning your dream car then, you must check the set of various tips which should be remembered while buying a new car.

Forget the past experiences

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It is possible that due to any major accident or mis-happening you have developed aversion towards driving. You may feel fearful to travel that road again or even sit in the same car. Discuss the same with those who are close to you or even a doctor who can help you get over it. Stay relaxed and keep calm on yourself.

Practice driving in slow/safe areas

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One of the best tips to overcome driving anxiety is to keep yourself safe.

  • If you are learning driving again then, make sure that you start-up in less crowded areas.
  • Roads that are safer as compared to others should be preferred.
  • You can also try finding an empty parking area and practice there with your vehicle.

Do not drive alone

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Loneliness itself makes us feel uncomfortable and adds on to our stress level. If you are anxious of driving, then never make the mistake of driving alone as it can cause severe accidents at times or leaves you feel confused and experience dizziness. You can consider car pooling with your friends or colleagues up to your office.

Seek advice and help

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Never be ashamed of yourself to share any weakness or fear of yours with anybody. You can’t overcome your fear and anxiety on your own. Human beings require external motivation and support from others at bad times. It is better to seek medical advice, therapies or counseling in order to waive off the fear from its basic roots.

These were some of the basic yet best tips to overcome driving anxiety. If you see yourself or anybody else experiencing the same problem, then try to help them with these tips and give them a stress-free life.

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