Top Ten Biggest Trucks in the World

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Transportation of goods and consignment from one place to another is an important feature of heavy-weight vehicles which are designed specifically for this purpose. The biggest trucks in the world are used made available for performing such tasks and functions such as carrying heavy loads and dumps.

Biggest trucks in the world

Following are some of such largest trucks which are used round the world discussed hereunder:

Ten Biggest Trucks in the World

Hitachi EH 50000 AC – 3

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This latest truck was introduced by Hitachi in the year 2012 at MIN expo International which was held in Las Vegas, United States. In this truck all the latest and updated technologies are used. The truck’s length is of 15.51 meters with the pay load capacity of around 325 tons. These features made this truck number one in its class.

The width of the truck is 8.6 meters and height of the loading container is 7.5 meter. Hitachi EH 50000 AC – 3 utilizes low emission diesel engine holding 16 cylinders.

Caterpillar 795F AC

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This is a caterpillar product holding a capacity of 345 tons featuring latest modular design. Caterpillar 795F AC offers two different body options. The popular Gateless coal body option and the other one Mine specific design these two different models are launched according to the customers demand. The length of the truck is around 15.14 meters and width of 8.97 meters. The height of loading container is of 7.04 meters.

Belaz 75600

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This is one of the biggest mining trucks present all over the world. The Belaz 75600 is manufactured by one of the top most truck manufacturers around the world i.e. OJSC known as Belarusian Auto works.

  • This giant vehicle provides you a pay load facility of around 350 tons.
  • The length is 14.9 meters, width is 9.6 meters and height is around 7.47 of the loading container.

Belaz 75600 is basically designed for loading and transporting huge rock mass at deep mines under every climate condition.

Terex MT 5500 Ac

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This model holds the highest pay load capacity in its class of vehicle i.e. more than 360 tons which is used for loading and transporting on surface mining. Maximum gross weight of this vehicle is 598 tons.  The massive and huge vehicle is four stroke powered by diesel engine with 16 cylinders. The maximum speed of the truck is 64 mile per hour.

Komatsu 960e-1K

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Komatsu is one of the advanced and latest rigid trucks by Komatsu manufacturers. The height of the container is around 7.14 meters with the loading capacity of 360 tons. Komatsu 960 – 1K is a diesel engine powered by 18 V-type powerful cylinders. The weight of this truck is more than 630 tons. The model has a top speed of 65 mile per hour.

Belaz 75601

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This truck has a capacity of handling around 400 tones and has a total operating weight of 672 tones. This is the recent model of 7560 class.

  • It can even work at the variable mining sites at during different climates.
  • The measurements of the truck are 14.9m x 9.25m x 7.22m. It is one of the biggest trucks in the world.

Liebherr T 284

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Liebherr T 284 is really a big one. Being the latest one Liebherr, the payload capacity of the vehicle is 440 tones with total combined weight of 661 ton. The length is 15.69m and width and loading height being 7.42m. The truck has an inbuilt 20-cylinder engine of diesel. The power output is 3750 HP. The maximum speed is of 64 miles per hour.

Terex MT 6300AC

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The truck was introduced by Terex in the year 2008. The total weight of the vehicle is 660 tones. The height being 7.92m along with 14.63m of length makes the truck a part of biggest trucks list. It has a four stroke engine of diesel with 20 cylinders. The power output of the vehicle being 3,750 HP.

Caterpillar 797F

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All the latest models of 797 class trucks launched by Caterpillar are enormous. These are actually the dump trucks.

  • The 797F is actually the second largest mining dump truck round the world.
  • The total operating weight being 687.5 tones.
  • The dimensional measures of the vehicle are 14.8m x 9.75m x 6.52m.

The truck supports 20-cylinders engine and gives a maximum speed of 68 miles per hour.

Belaz 75710

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The truck launched in 2013 is an extremely heavy truck used for dumping. The truck uses a 16-cylinder turbo-charged engine of diesel. The power output is of 2,300 HP. The 75710 model uses elector-mechanical power and current transmission. It supports the top speed of 64 mph.

Uses and utilities of a heavy-load vehicle such as a truck are many. We hope with the help of this list enumerating Biggest Trucks in the world, right machines and vehicles will be put to use for right purpose.

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