Leasing or Buying Car, Which one is better?

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So, are you looking for a car? Seems that you are a bit confused about whether to buy or to lease a car, isn’t it? Everybody dreams of a huge bungalow and a dashing car standing right in front of it.


Leasing or Buying Car, Which one is better? Well, one cannot opt for either of those two completely as it totally depends upon various factors. Some of you may be compatible with leasing a car while the other may be in accordance with buying a new one. This article will help you understand the basic difference between buying and leasing and also which one is to be preferred depending on different scenarios and situations. Leasing a car basically emphasizes upon having a car on rent unlike buying a car. If you have driving anxiety than you should know some best tips to overcome your anxiety.

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Leasing or Buying Car, Which one is better?

Solutions to your confusions!

It’s better to think and then act rather than acting and then thinking, isn’t it? Everyone has got different way of living.


That contentment is simply incomparable when one gets something he has been dreaming of for a pretty long time. Some may be concupiscent about having a vehicle which belongs to them completely so that they do not have to seek permission before they make changes or embellish their vehicle. If you are capable enough to pay high monthly dues, nothing can be better than owning a brand new car. Cheers! You have successfully avoided the risk of paying at the end of lease and if you are buying a car than you must check the set of various tips which should be remembered while buying a new car.

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People who love to have a fresh experience with a new car after every couple of months do not need to worry thinking about how would they manage to live their passion because leasing fits best for them. Just stop worrying about monthly payments, maintenance of the car or devaluation of the vehicle and enjoy the ride. Another advantage is that if you feel like you are in love with this car, you can buy it to be yours forever!

Lease vs Buy Concept

However, if you think of selling your own car post-using it for more than 10 years, you would get much less amount as compared to what you had paid when you had bought it. But it is still more preferable to buy one rather than leasing so as to avoid the additional sums one has to pay every month even though the car is not going to be yours completely.

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Play smart; acting smart is not enough

You need to understand the way by which you can efficiently deal with the company so as to know what exactly is suitable and profitable for you. Indeed, buying involves higher monthly payment but then one has to pay less at the end. Also, you will be the ‘owner’ of the car you have been paying for so long. But it doesn’t hold true when you wish to lease your dream car. If a mere thought of lower monthly payment makes you happy; then it would be worth thinking that there’s no point in spending money on something when it can’t be yours.

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Evaluation of a car is easy when you think of buying it instead of purchasing it on rent as leasing includes money factor, residual terms and other measures as well. On the other hand, having a car on lease can be a better option if you wish to own a car temporarily on low due payments.


Still confused? Find answers to these!

  • You need to be sure about what exactly is important for you. What would you prefer between lower monthly dues or higher monthly payments? If you opt for lower monthly payment, you would have to pay greater amount at the end which implies that buying is more desirable and preferable.
  • Do you feel like having a same car for a long period of time? or experience driving a new car every new year? Undoubtedly, what makes a significant difference is responsibilities and cost! Buying involves more responsibilities whereas leasing involves greater overall cost.
  • Does calling a car as ‘yours’ matters for you; or showing of and enjoying driving new cars is a matter of deepened concern to you?

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  • If you drive very often over a long distances, then prefer buying a car. You could prefer leasing a car if you are not a regular driver or your mileage is around average.
  • Would you be able to maintain the car properly? If not, then prefer having a car on rent as it includes no major maintenance responsibilities.

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Everyone has different choices, lifestyle and priorities; depending upon how you wish to cope up with your desires and finance. We hope that this article will definitely throw all the confusions out of your brains. We will be glad to answer your queries and know if there is anything which is left unexplained.


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